Monday, December 12, 2011

Blog Reflection for Week 5 - EDLD 5301

Before beginning this I did not know what action research entailed. This is a great tool for any person that wants to improve procedures and instruction by questioning and inquiring, by asking "What if ...?" The plan is very logical with specific steps that move through the process which requires one to educate them self on the subject and then analyze the data to develop your decision. A key part of of the action research  process is evaluating the decision to see if the issue has been resolved or improved. I think this is one of the important components of this entire action research plan, if the outcome does not improve or help the issue, then the action research plan needs to be revisited re-assess your process that lead to your decision.
I am looking forward to doing my benchmark testing action research for our campus and hopefully come up with some interesting data that supports or refutes the use of benchmark testing.

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  1. I feel that your description on action research hit the nail on the head. Well said! Action research is a lot like teaching our kids, try to find a solution to the problem and if it doesn't work, just keep trying. Good luck with your study.