Sunday, April 15, 2012

EDLD_5362 Week 1- Information Systems Management

During this week our task was to interview a veteran teacher who has been working before and after the internet was introduced in the schools.  I had the pleasure of talking to Ms. Amy Campbell, a 30 year veteran and one of our campus Teacher of the Year recipients, who works in the special education department   Her job is to prepare her students to join the workforce and independent living. The years before the internet she said most of her classroom teaching materials were provided by the district and many were not relevant to the current workforce or modern living situations.  After the internet was available at school,  her curriculum was enhanced with modern real-life simulations of using an ATM machines, counting money, banking, grocery shopping and many useful activities that prepare her students for the 21st century.  She relayed a very moving story about several of her students who have discovered the power of social networking and for the first time communicate by writing. Ms. Campbell said several of her students would not write in class, but now they are posting photos and writing captions as well as posting comments to others in their group on Facebook. The motivation for these student is obvious and it has helped these students join networks of friends which may not of been an option for them before the Internet.   

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