Wednesday, July 18, 2012

EDLD 5397 - Week 1 Web conference Reflection

EDLD 5397 Web Conference Reflection for Week 1
This conference was very helpful to have a good overview of what will be necessary to completed and submitted by the end of this course.  I found out that I had an old form that I completed my 33 Technology Internship Plan and did much more than I was actually required to complete my internship hours. I am so glad we now have access to the Google site with the current forms and instructions for completing our second half of this program. I understand that we do not have to have a signature on our ETLISE, but just meet with our Mentor to discuss our progress and write up a progress report and a rough draft of our Action Research Paper. Dr. Mason and Dr. Martin were both very helpful about giving tips on how to proceed with our class and not get bogged down in the small details but look at the big picture and also that our grade will be the number of points we receive on the practice test for the LCE, so another good tip, do it until you get all 25 points

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