Tuesday, October 11, 2011

District Technology Plan

The teaching and learning staff of central administration is responsible for developing the professional instruction that will be delivered to the campuses. Instructional coaches have been divided by core areas servicing multiple campuses to deliver the required curriculum instruction to the campus teachers.  Time for teachers to work collaboratively with their peers is during their common planning period built into their schedule by the campus administration. The instructional coaches utilize assisting teachers in training, planning and technology integration strategies.  Large group trainings are held during professional development days built into the school calendar. 

The plan offers expanded curricular and instructional opportunities for the students via online digital technology. Library resources, teacher wikis, teacher web and websites purchased by the district are available to the student around the clock. Enhancements have provided better communication for the students and parents for online grades and teacher calendars and contacts.   Technical assistance is available to students and teachers through a just-in-time helpdesk and field engineers are on regular schedules to repair equipment at all facilities and campuses.  Cyber security and monitoring software is in place to provide security for the system.

Budget considerations from funding and grants have been made for updating equipment in a rotation plan throughout the district.  The Texas STAR chart is completed by 100% of all campuses and evaluated for concerns in development and support of technology and areas of successes throughout the district. The Katy Long Range Plan will be revised at the end of three years and will be updated by committee on an ongoing basis.

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