Wednesday, October 12, 2011

National Educational Technology Plan

The National Educational Technology Plan has all the earmarks of a government program with grand visions which incorporates instruction using technology through a social network of individuals and groups with a very high price tag. Though education should be a high priority, this plan enables a student to be instructed 24/7, 365 days a year using online resources provided by the local, national and global communities. The traditional education model will be transformed into a global education with all students doing real-time projects, either simulated or community based using knowledge from a variety of curriculum. All teaching will be done with a purpose of these projects in mind as an instructor prepares students with the understanding of the subject materials required to accomplish the task at hand. Technology plays a large role in these projects as the catalysis of combining various communities together for collaboration and instruction.  One example in this plan is to solicit various professionals in the workforce; ie, artist, authors, engineers, doctors, to critique student work. To achieve this plan a village of instructors will be accessed via a network of integrated technological programs monitor, advise and instruct each student as they progress from K-16.  This plan promotes a seamless transition to higher education and moves the student based on readiness rather than age. Technology is a tool in which teacher and student should embrace to help with understanding and depth of meaning, however, 24/7/365 will create more stress on students and educators alike. We need to up our education, but what is the cost in quality of life?

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