Monday, November 28, 2011

Action Research Plan - To determine if benchmark testing improves standardize test results.

SCHOOL VISION: Improvement on Standardized Test scores by using benchmark testing data and intervention.
GOAL:  To determine if benchmark testing improves standardized testing results.

Revisions to SIP/PIP based on monitoring and assessments
Setting the Foundation: Looking at the disruption of teaching time, schedules, lack of funding due to testing absences
Preparing to give required benchmark testing
Student report generator to research student and teacher schedules for administering test.
Test facilitator, counselors,
October, 2011
10th Grade ELA TAKS  Reading and Writing Benchmark tests

Analyzing Data: Determine students that will taking the tests and classrooms
Complete review of 10th Grade ELA students required through summary reports who are required to take the benchmark testing, create scheduling for all students except our band students due to scheduled trip.
Prepare student reports and schedules to determine student assignments, modifications, small group locations for each student.
Test Facilitator
special education dept.
site mentor
October, 2011
10th Grade ELA TAKS Reading and Writing Benchmark tests

Developing Deeper Understanding: Administrating10th grade TAKS ELA Benchmark testing data
Administration of 10th Grade TAKS Benchmark tests
TEA generated Benchmark Test examples and documentations on how to create and grade questions for this test.
ELA Curriculum Specialist
Instructional Coach
Print shop
November, 2011

November, 2011 Test given

Waiting for TEA grading criteria for essay portion of the tests.
Engaging in Self Reflection: Looking a researchers and why the benchmark testing was created
Review websites and articles regarding why benchmarks were established and what they mean to education
The Flaws, Fallacies and Foolishness of Benchmark Testing; 
 Making Benchmark Testing Work

Susan Martin
December, 2011
Data from Benchmark results

Waiting for TEA grading criteria for essay portion of the tests.
Exploring Patterns: Reviewing data from benchmark test
Compare 10th graders scores and look for areas of weakness that needs addressing
Computer data report program and student analysis data base
Susan Martin
Data coordinator
David Youngblood
December, 2011
Data from Benchmark Results

Determining Direction: Using the data from the benchmark test will determine action
Move failing students into a intervention program for Jan – Mar, 2012, re-teaching techniques for questions that were consistency missed
Work with instructional coaches on test data from and teachers classes compared to test scores,  Compare student report to prior scores
Susan Martin
Instructional Coach
David Youngblood
Russell Faldyn
December, 2011
Data from Benchmark Results

Taking Action: During March, 2012 actual TAKS test is administrated

10th Grade TAKS test will be administered for sample students
TEA guidelines and regulations for administrating the test, teachers trained for monitoring and students prepared for test
Susan Martin, Testing Facilitator
Russell Faldyn
March, 2012
10th grade TAKS ELA reading and writing Test.

Sustaining Improvement: Review of the outcome of the 10th Grade ELA TAKS Reading and Writing Test
Compare data from the benchmark tests and the actual March TAKS Tests, see where there were discrepancies and adjust for these in the new teaching curriculum
Student data reports, TEA test results

Work with instructional coaches comparing benchmark test data and actual test scores.
Susan Martin
Instructional Coach
Russell Faldyn
David Youngblood
June, 2012
Data from ELA 10th Grade TAKS Test


  1. I will be really interested in seeing the results from your research. Your topic seems well-organized and well thought out, and I think the results will be of interest throughout the state!

  2. I think you have a well thought out project. You have a very strict timeline. I am interested as to your intervention, will it be tutoring, small groups, etc.? I also like that you are using instructional coaches as a resource

  3. You have a very detailed plan, right down to your research on the benchmarks. My question was the same as Amy's...what are the interventions for those failing benchmarks? Is it tutoring or study hall? I also agree with Linda that your results may be of interest state-wide.

  4. Thank you for your comments, we have put enrichment period twice a week built into our weekly period schedule. We use these two periods per week for enrichment periods for this purpose, pep rallies, class meeting or when ever we need groups pulled for a meeting without disrupting class instructions since these schedules stay the same through out the year. I think that is why benchmarking really concerns me when we disrupt instruction, and I am not sure we get results worth this disruption.