Friday, November 18, 2011

How could an educator use a blog?

The use of blogs in education is relatively new. School technology has just recently “unlocked” many of the blog sites that have been used by business for years. With all the privacy and safety regulations, districts have been hesitant to open this access. Blogs can be a great asset allowing a collection of text, images and links to references for the campus community. Administrators would find it easy to communicate with fellow administrators and/or teachers regarding issues without wading through scores of emails pertaining to a specific issue. Teachers and curriculum specialist would find it useful for collaboration on lesson planning, curriculum design so that various topics could be explored and enhanced by the use of comments in various threads.  Teachers could use a class blog as a journey for effective communication and collaboration on key questions or ideas with students and parents. As noted by Dana having a teacher publishing student writing and then showing comments improves the quality of work produced by all students.
 Dana, N. F., (2009). Leading with Passion and Knowledge: The Principal as Action Researcher. California:  Corwin.

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  1. Sue,
    Our district superintendent uses a password protected log that employees log into and read to pass information out to everyone. We receive the email with the link weekly and log in to read and comment. They tried a few years ago requiring the principals to blog as well and requiring everyone to log in and read it but I don't think it was that successful. If there's not a specific purpose for it, I think they can be easily forgotten.