Friday, November 18, 2011

What is action research and who might use it?

The use of the Action Research process which includes the act of inquiry of an issue, researching or studying this issue, making an educated decision regarding the issue and then reflecting of the results of your decision regarding this issue; could easily be used on a personal level in everyday living. This process can be especially effective with difficult decisions required by many administrators.  The process begins as one wonders, questions or inquires on how to solve an issue, improve or rethink a procedure. Once you have formulated a question or issue, then find professional sources to research the issue to find alternatives methods or confer with experts to formulate the best decision to resolve the issue.  After delivering the decision on the issue, next step is as important and the first, reflection on the results of the decision. Was the issue resolved, altered, or not affected by the actions of your decision? Action research is a cyclic process where the process of inquire, study, decision and reflection continues in all areas of our lives. One role, as a leader of the campus, is to encourage all administrators, teachers, staff and even, students to use this process in their daily activities strengths the campus environment and development of professional learning communities and leadership teams where they practice this process to improve the teaching and learning of the students.

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