Thursday, March 22, 2012

EDLD 5364 - Monday 19th- Web Conference

As I was preparing for Week 4's portion of the project work for UDL lesson, this web conference helped to clarify that we only need use one Lesson from our group and find or create lesson activities to support the classroom teacher in our scenario. I am glad this was make clear since our group was starting to collect lesson activities for all of our lessons.  Now we can focus to make one collaborative effort to explore our targeted group in this scenario classroom. I am sorry due to the storms we have not been able to use our microphones or video cameras, but technology must yield to Mother Nature!  Thank you for all the help with the web sites of examples of prior students, this will help us yield a better product.  This is an interesting assignment and I am finding out allot about managing a collaborative group in an online environment and I think 6 in a group is too many.  It is hard to get every one's schedules to coincide.

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