Friday, March 16, 2012

EDLD 5364 - Week 3- UDL Reflection

Lesson reflection – My universal designed lesson is geared toward the low achiever group. As I am considering this type of group of students, activities have to be stimulating and allow the students to feel successful immediately. . Engagement is a key factor with this group of students and by the use of the clickers in the initial introduction of the lesson the students will have feel safe with the privacy of their answers. This gives the student flexibly in learning the correct answers and support from their peers.  As I continue the lesson into explanation of the topic: “What is an Idiom “, we will approach this in several ways, visual and auditory with a short YouTube video and hands-on activity with a idiom game on the computer.  The student will experience the topic with all the brain networks and be able to tap into their background knowledge of the subject when we discuss their understanding and asking them to provide examples of idioms that they know.   As we work through the e book, students will have a page to brain storm and collaborate on various types of idioms.  The flexible creative project and providing a rubric to the students we can allow for multiple meanings on how to create the project. The assessment builds on the strengths and abilities of the students and their knowledge of the TEK will be easily demonstrated.

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