Monday, June 18, 2012

EDLD 5363 - WEBINAR Week 2

Dr. Abernathy has all of us very well trained to help her remember to record her session since one of our last sessions that she had forgotten to hit the record button.  Having three chances to collaborate with our Professor and classmates is very helpful due to our busy schedules.  Reflections on the work for Week 2, students are concerned about podcast verses video and Dr. Abernathy will accept either format with a length that fits your need. Due to the upload time and storage space keeping the podcast around a 2 minute length allows for flexibility for viewing and saving purposes.  The professor wanted to assure all students are capable of completing this podcast assignment not just the Technology leadership classes.  Looking forward to Week 3, this project is to be an introduction to a core curriculum class for a flip classroom assignment, not a public service video. She would like it to relate to the core curriculum but would take other areas of study if requested.   Make sure you have put you team names on Week 3 assignment, but you can email you IA if you would like as well. Until week 3 I sign off.

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