Saturday, June 23, 2012

EDLD 5363 Week 3 Multimedia

This week we worked on a collaborative Google document to set up or final project for this EDLD  5363 mufti media class. Interesting having to do a flipped classroom concept.  Students are required to watch the initial lecture or video to introduce a concept and then the teacher would use the next class meeting to go deeper into the information or do a project related to the information.  This enables students who have a harder time taking notes and listening to the teacher to rewind and listen to a section they may not find clear. It gives an opportunity for students who missed the class due to illness or outside activity to stay current with the class lessons. Flip classrooms are not easier on a teacher but does allow for more hands on with the students and helping struggling students.  I like the concept and would like to see some teachers put this concept into action.

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