Thursday, September 27, 2012

Webinar for School Relations 5326

Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Abernathy have conducted some very informative and enthusiastic webinars.
One of the interesting points was the knowledge of taking the ILD during the end of the year and the advantages of having this class to better prepared for the interviewing process.  I am looking forward to his class and taking the Texas certification test. 
A great piece of knowledge was the existance of the wiki  to keep up with all the changes of the forms and requirement of this class.  I found out that I had many of the wrong forms and spent countless hours this summer completing the wrong forms only to find out that I needed to complete a different set of forms.  So what I learned is before doing anything like that I better confirm it.   After listing to many individuals trying to get their videos and microphone working, each of the web conferences turn into a very informatiive, collaboarative event where alot of information is covered and clarified.  I really enjoy these events and always come away with some valuable information.

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